At Lars Christensen Orthodontics we provide first class orthodontic treatment at rates which represent good value for the quality of expertise on offer.

We also take care to make sure our charging policy always remains transparent – explaining everything you need to know about your treatment in advance, including its cost.

Of course, to some extent the amount you will pay depends on your individual needs, and the cost of treatment will depend on the complexity of your problem and which type of braces you choose. The cost can vary from £1200 to £9000.


How we make everything clear from the start

At your initial consultation you will be provided with an estimate of treatment cost. A personalised fixed quote will be sent to you with your comprehensive Treatment Plan after diagnostic records have been taken.

This is a fixed fee that covers all aspects of active treatment from start to finish. For braces, your fee will include placement of the braces, all adjustment visits, brace removal, your first set of retainers and all retainer check visits for the first year after active treatment has finished.

If you would like to arrange a consultation, please contact us.

The fee from 1 May 2022 for this appointment is;

£180 for adults and £135 for children.

If you are already in treatment elsewhere with appliances fitted the cost for a consultation for either child or adult is £280.