What to do…Advice for patients during treatment

It’s important to us that our patients stay comfortable at all times during their treatment and enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing exactly what to do should they experience any minor problems or areas of uncertainty. For this reason, we’ve produced this brief ”What to do” guide so you know how to proceed if you encounter something unexpected while you’re away from the practice. There are some helpful videos in the patient videos page.


…if you have an injury

Direct injuries to the mouth can be serious and usually require radiographs (X-rays) to help determine the extent of the injury. In addition to any effect on your orthodontic treatment, a mouth trauma will normally mean you need to see your family dentist or visit an A&E department. We shall, of course, make sure your appliances are mended if they have been involved in the injury.


…if a band or bracket works loose

If the bond created by the cement (glue) has been broken, you should call the practice to schedule an appointment to have it replaced within the next few working days. If the band or bracket stays attached to the wire, cover it with wax to prevent it from irritating your cheeks or lips. If the band or bracket has become fully detached and you are comfortable, keep it safe it and bring it along to your appointment.


…if an archwire breaks

It’s important not to leave it too long! A broken archwire or headgear –  or a lost ligature or hook – can cause the teeth to shift in the wrong direction. Please call the practice on the next business day and we will schedule an appointment to correct it.


…if a wire shifts position and starts to dig in

This can stick out and cause irritation. Try tucking it in with the handle of a teaspoon. If that doesn’t work, dry the area with a napkin or tissue and place wax over the problem area to prevent the irritation. Call the practice on the next business day and we’ll schedule a comfort appointment.


…if you lose or break a retainer

It is very important that you let us know if your retainer breaks or if you should lose it. In some cases we can simply make a new retainer for you to collect. In other situations we may need to see you and take an impression for the new retainer.


…if a headgear or other appliance becomes bent

A bent headgear facebow, or an ill-fitting removable appliance, should not be worn until it can be properly adjusted in our practice. Please make an appointment if you encounter this difficulty.


If you need to make an appointment please call 01865 514 253