Early action to eliminate the need for complex treatment later

At Lars Christensen Orthodontics, it’s part of our philosophy to minimise future treatment by intervening at an early stage.

This holds particularly true in orthodontics for children – a particularly important aspect of our work. We believe that every child should have an orthodontic assessment by the age of 8-9years. An early consultation helps us to decide on the best time to intervene.

The majority of orthodontic treatment is carried out when your child has most of his or her adult teeth. This could begin any time between the ages of 10 and 14. But there are a number of problems which we can put right earlier than this, using treatments such as functional appliances or jaw expanders. These simple solutions can reduce the complexity of future treatment or even eliminate the need for it altogether.


Braces they’ll be comfortable wearing

We’re pleased to be able to offer children the choice of either clear aesthetic braces, or stainless steel brackets where the wire is attached with rubber ties. These ties come in a range of fun colours!

Teenagers who are reluctant to wear visible braces can of course choose from the invisible options which you’ll find detailed in the adult orthodontic section.The practice offers a range of orthodontic options for children. Please visit the relevant sections of this site to find out more.